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The most important safety feature of any airline operation is a well-trained, highly experienced and qualified professional pilot. And the best way to attract and retain these pilots is to pay them competitive wages and offer a solid career progression.

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This week, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) convened the second meeting of the Drone Advisory Committee (DAC). ALPA was appointed to this group, which was established last year and we continue to have an active role in helping advise the FAA on prioritized policy areas that are urgently needed to ensure that as UAS operations expand, they do not compromise the safety of our shared airspace. 

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In a clear bait and switch for U.S. workers, the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) issued an egregious decision at the end of the day on December 2––an order granting Norwegian Air International (NAI) a foreign air carrier permit to serve the United States under the U.S.–EU Air Transport Agreement (ATA). Norwegian Air Shuttle (NAS), NAI’s parent company, has left no doubt that the NAI business model was designed expressly to lower labor standards—an outcome specifically prohibited by the ATA’s labor article.

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From all of us at ALPA International, to all our friends, members, and staff in Canada: Happy Thanksgiving! This weekend, we join our Canadian colleagues and reflect on how and why we are so fortunate to be part of the incredible aviation community. 

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ALPA’s ranks continue to grow stronger by the day. This week, this union’s national leaders ratified a merger with the Frontier Airlines Pilots Association. In a sweeping endorsement of the value of ALPA membership, 93 percent of Frontier pilots cast votes in favor of merging with ALPA, with 93 percent of eligible pilots voting. Beginning on June 1, Frontier Airlines’ more than 1,000 pilots will be represented by our union. 

The Frontier pilots’ vote marks a definite and developing trend—this landslide outcome is the third time in as many years that pilots flying for a major U.S. airline have certified ALPA as their new bargaining representative. In 2014, pilots at JetBlue Airways joined the union. The pilots at Virgin America voted to become ALPA members in 2015.

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