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Morningstar Air Express LEC and MEC Update

MAL 208 has been established as a probationary local council for Morningstar Air Express.  The following have been appointed interim representatives and temporary officers are listed below.  Note that because MAL is a single council airline, the LEC officers are also the MEC officers.

  • Jim Bergsma – MAL 208 Interim Captain Representative/Temporary Chairman and MAL MEC Temporary Chairman
  • Greg Hipwell – MAL 208 Interim First Officer Representative/Temporary Vice Chairman and MAL MEC Temporary Vice Chairman
  • Tim Parker – MAL 208 Temporary Secretary-Treasurer and MAL MEC Temporary Secretary-Treasurer

Morningstar Pilots: Welcome to the Air Line Pilots Association, International!

Congratulations! Today, the Canada Industrial Relations Board (CIRB) announced that the Morningstar pilots voted for ALPA representation. With 91.5 percent of eligible pilots participating in the election, 98.7 percent voted in favour of joining the world's largest pilot union.

The CIRB will now approve the election results and issue a certification order. Following the issuance of the certification order, ALPA will appoint Morningstar pilots to serve as ALPA representatives.

The temporary representatives will have authority to begin ALPA work on behalf of the pilot group. Their main objectives will be to finish the membership drive and to begin building the infrastructure of a strong union. In approximately 60 days, all the Morningstar pilots who have become ALPA members will be able to vote for permanent leaders through democratic elections.

Once the CIRB issues the certification order, ALPA will be in touch with more details and information on how you can become an active part of your union.

ALPA is a pilot-led, staff-supported Association, so it's important now more than ever that you make your voices heard and fully participate in your union. It's great to have you on board.

Top 5 Reasons to Join ALPA

1. ALPA's Team Approach to Negotiations

ALPA's team approach to negotiations will secure a better collective bargaining agreement for you and your pilot group, helping achieve your goals of fair pay, improved work rules, and a better quality of life.

2. Making Your Job Safer and More Secure

ALPA is the world's largest non-governmental aviation safety organization that makes your job safer and more secure, in the air and on the ground. We play a key role in government and industry efforts.

3. ALPA's Voice in Ottawa and Washington

ALPA, recognized as the voice of airline pilots in Ottawa and Washington, D.C., has established the rapport you need with members of Parliament, Congress, and other government officials — powerful people who make decisions that directly affect your career.

4. ALPA's Products and Services Give You Peace of Mind and Protection

ALPA is the world's largest pilot union, in the best position to take care of you and your family. With programs and products tailored specifically to your needs, we provide products and services that independent unions could never match.

5. ALPA's Global Presence Benefits You in Many Ways.

Only ALPA, the sole representative for pilots in both Canada and the U.S. for the International Federation of Air Line Pilots' Association (IFALPA), can represent you and your interests at significant international and regional forums — including ICAO, the aviation arm of the United Nations.

"I could see that unless we got a pilots' association with real power, there wouldn't be enough money in airline flying to make it worth my effort. I would have to go back to slipsticking at a desk, and I didn't want that; I wanted to keep flying." –Byron S. "Pop" Warner, one of the 24 "Key Men" who founded ALPA