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In July 1931, 24 “Key Men” founded the Air Line Pilots Association with one goal: to advance aviation safety. Today, ALPA is the largest airline pilot union in the world, with more than 53,000 pilots at 31 airlines in the United States and Canada. Our pilots safely transport hundreds of thousands of passengers and tons of cargo around the world every day. 

In recognition of our 85th anniversary this week, we’ll be highlighting a handful of key aircraft that helped revolutionize the airline industry since ALPA was founded, taking an upfront look at a how pilots’ “front offices” have changed over the years, and how ALPA has helped make them safer. 

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Amid record setting profits and the launch of daily service to Narita, ALPA President Capt. Tim Canoll joined hundreds of Hawaiian Airlines pilots at Honolulu International Airport for an informational picketing event.  As the airline celebrated its inaugural Honolulu-Narita daily route, pilots warned passengers that their island vacations could be at risk if the pilot group is forced by management into a lawful strike.

“We regret the inconvenience to our domestic and international customers, but we want to make sure all of them are aware of the labor strife at our airline and the bargaining position of our management that has led to this point,” said Capt. Hoon Lee, chairman of ALPA’s Hawaiian Airlines group. 

Read more about today’s picketing event here.

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As ALPA celebrates its 85th anniversary this month, Federal Aviation Administration Associate Administrator for Aviation Safety Peggy Gilligan offered a guest commentary for Air Line Pilot on ALPA’s lasting and important role in advancing aviation safety throughout the years.

“When it comes to getting the job done and getting it done well, the Air Line Pilots Association has long been known as a go-to group—not just for safety and efficiency, but for forward thinking as well,” wrote Gilligan.

Since 1931, ALPA has been a central figure in building a strong, safe, and secure North American airline industry. For more on ALPA’s contributions over the decades, read Gilligan’s full article here.

Happy Birthday, Boeing! 100 years ago today, William Boeing formed the Boeing Company in Seattle, revolutionizing commercial air travel and military aviation for years to come. Since its inception in 1916, Boeing has committed itself to the safety and security of the flight crews and passengers who fly aboard its aircraft throughout the world, and ALPA pilots are proud to be an important part of its rich history. 

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ALPA pilot groups across the country received significant media attention this week after industry announcements were covered by the press.

In Atlanta, Delta Air Lines pilots sent a strong message to management with the opening of a strike center. Capt. John Malone, chairman of the Delta MEC, cautioned that “while we are fully committed and have dedicated all necessary resources to reach an agreement this summer, we are preparing for any eventuality allowed to us under the Railway Labor Act, including efforts from informational picketing to a legal strike.”

Meanwhile, in Hawaii, pilots and frontline employees at Hawaiian Airlines were awarded top honors by Skytrax for having the Best Airline Staff Service in North America this year. This award was particularly meaningful for these ALPA pilots, who are also nearing a possible strike after stalled negotiations.

Capt. Hoon Lee, chairman of the Hawaiian MEC, reiterated that, “This recognition is further proof of the value of frontline employees in the financial success of our airline. At a time when Hawaiian is experiencing historic success, there is no reason for management to continue to ignore the role that pilots play in ensuring that our airline continues to lead the industry.”

Visit for further information on issues affecting today’s pilots. 

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