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Capt. Larry Frantom (United) remembers playing with his little girl, Jenny, in the flight simulators before she went on to take her first solo flight at age 16. Jenny received her Private Pilot Certificate by learning to fly after school and on weekends. Her father was her first passenger.


Today, the United States celebrates Flag Day! This day commemorates the adoption of the United States flag, which happened on this day in 1777. More than 240 years later, the Stars and Stripes still represent a nation united in strength, freedom, and pride

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Canadian airline pilots have some of the longest shifts in the world. Despite ALPA’s continued efforts to update Canada’s outdated flight/duty time rule, the country’s pilots are often required to be alert for more than 14 hours, which can be extended to 17 hours in the event of weather or mechanical delays, putting them at greater risk for accidents and safety incidents due to fatigue.

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The results are in: WestJet pilots have voted to join ALPA!

 This monumental vote wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work and dedication of the WestJet Organizing Committee (OC). This team of more than 125 pilots worked tirelessly to unify their pilot group under a positive message which was pro-WestJet, pro-pilot, and pro-ALPA. 

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The Canada Industrial Relations Board (CIRB) opened voting for ALPA representation to 1,400-plus eligible WestJet pilots today. The voting will end at noon on Friday, May 12, and the Board will announce the results soon after.

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