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Robert A. “Bob” Hoover died Tuesday at the age of 94, a pioneer who paved the way for the future of aviation. Widely regarded as the “pilot’s pilot,” Hoover flew 58 missions during World War II before being shot down and spending 16 months as a prisoner of war. He escaped from the POW camp, stole a German FW-190, and flew back to Allied territory.

After the war, Hoover trained as a test pilot and was backup for Chuck Yeager during the testing of the Bell X-1’s push to break Mach 1. He later became an aerobatic pilot—first flying a P-51 Mustang and later his trademark Shrike Commander—thrilling millions over five decades with his flight maneuvers and “managed energy” routines, including single-engine and engine-out aerobatics. In his memory, ALPA pilots submitted their reflections and personal stories of the late Bob Hoover.

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In the tech community, the term “crowdsourcing” refers to using resources generated from a wide range of individuals via the Internet. The crowdsourcing trend emerged around 2005 and since then, one of the most successful examples to date has been the traffic app Waze. By allowing users to report local traffic conditions and current road closures, Waze is able to use that real-time community feedback in order to provide better directions. 

While this term maybe fairly recent, the concept of using member feedback in order to modify routes has been around for decades in the pilot community. “Pilot Reports,” better known as PIREPS, are weather reports issued directly by pilots based on their first-hand experience with current weather conditions while in flight. 

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ALPA’s Economic & Financial Analysis Department recently released information detailing the State of the North American Passenger Airline Industry. Read the full report to find out where the industry is now and where it may be headed over the next few years.

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Guest Commentary By Capt. Stuart Morrison, ALPA Spirit Master Executive Council Chairman 

This week, airline passengers and cargo shippers at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport saw nearly 100 Spirit Airlines pilots conduct informational picketing in uniform. Joined by pilots from Frontier Airlines, Republic Airlines, and Southwest Airlines, ALPA members who fly for Spirit Airlines stood in unity to express support for our Negotiating Committee members as they bargain a new contract.

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Capt. Paul Ryder, ALPA’s national resource coordinator, told the Alaska Dispatch News this week that there isn’t currently a lack of pilots in the United States, but rather an issue with airlines offering competitive pay.

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