Canadian Pilots Taking a Stand for #SaferSkies


Canadian airline pilots have some of the longest shifts in the world. Despite ALPA’s continued efforts to update Canada’s outdated flight/duty time rule, the country’s pilots are often required to be alert for more than 14 hours, which can be extended to 17 hours in the event of weather or mechanical delays, putting them at greater risk for accidents and safety incidents due to fatigue.

Scientific research shows that fatigue is a type of impairment. It causes reduced alertness, degraded physical and mental performance, and it cannot be self-diagnosed. In fact, according to NASA research, fatigue can impair pilots’ decision making after only 8.5 hours at night.

Pilots across Canada are taking a stand and calling for the government to enact stronger fatigue rules. As the largest pilot union in Canada, representing ten pilot groups across the country, ALPA has joined a coalition with several other Canadian pilot groups to launch “Safer Skies,” a public awareness campaign to alert Parliament that it’s past time for needed change to protect our pilots and our passengers.

If you are a Canadian citizen, regardless of age, we encourage you to sign the petition calling for updated regulations.

We cannot allow Canada’s current pilot fatigue rules to continue to fall behind international safety standards. Rested pilots are essential to safe travel. Take a stand for #SaferSkies and sign the petition today or visit for more information. 

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