New Ads Echo Call by Tens of Thousands for White House to #DenyNAI

This week, ALPA is informing even greater numbers of Americans about the threat that Norwegian Air International’s (NAI) business plan poses to fair competition and U.S. jobs and why the Obama administration should deny its foreign air carrier application.

In the context of resounding protest from Members of Congress and more than 16,000 airline pilots, ALPA has launched an outreach campaign featuring ads in prominent Washington, D.C. news outlets. ALPA also released a whiteboard video underscoring how NAI’s business model would undermine labor standards and the intent of a U.S. international trade agreement to threaten a free marketplace and U.S. jobs.

Thousands of concerned passengers, cargo shippers, and airline pilots have called for the Obama administration to ensure fair and free competition for U.S. aviation workers. Every day, more and more Americans join us in the fight. We need your help today

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