This Fight Is Personal—It’s Time to Speak Up!

The airline industry is in danger, and the time to speak up is now—not just to bolster our industry and save pilot jobs, but also to support our nation’s economic recovery. If you haven't already done so, make sure you complete the latest Call to Action, then join us on social media. To help you connect on an even more personal level with your lawmakers, we have created shareable social media content.

Tell Congress why you fly and why we need ALPA pilots. Download and share our digital graphics or print one of our signs and post a picture with it. 


Print and Snap


  1. Start with one of the graphics above or a photo of yourself holding one of the signs. Share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or all three! 
  2. Include a personal message about why you fly and how the pandemic affects your livelihood. 
  3. Use our hashtags in the text of your post: #WhyIFly and/or #IFlyFor.
  4. Tag your representatives/senators, if possible. All members of Congress are active on social media, particularly Facebook and Twitter, to keep tabs on what their constituents are saying. They also actively engage with individuals, even more so if the individual is a constituent.

For example, here is a tweet from F/O Phil Anderson, UAL Council 12 vice chairman:

If you aren't on social media, sign up is easy! Simply visit Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and follow the prompts to set up an account. Then follow ALPA and share our content—your career depends on it!


Contact if you need help getting started or for any other questions on the best ways to reach your representatives through social media.