Captain Rick Dominguez, Executive Administrator

Captain Rick Dominguez

Captain Rick Dominguez serves as ALPA's Executive Administrator, directly supporting the ALPA president. Dominguez is a Delta Air Lines B-767 captain based in Atlanta, Ga.

Dominguez previously served as ALPA's International Affairs Committee chairman and has been an active ALPA volunteer supporting the Delta Master Executive Council (MEC). He has fulfilled the duties of MEC International Affairs and Alliances Committee chairman and Code Share Committee chairman, as well as executive administrator for his pilot group. The Delta captain was also a member of the MEC's Strike, Strategic Planning, and Negotiating Committees.

In addition to his time operating the B-767, Dominguez has flown the B-727, L1011, MD-88, and B-737 for Delta. He was a United States Air Force officer for nine years where he flew the T-37, T-38, and F-15. He is a magna cum laude graduate of Syracuse University, with a B.S. in aerospace engineering and currently resides in Tampa, Fla., with his wife, Leda.