Captain Bill Couette, Vice President-Administration/Secretary

 Captain Bill CouetteCaptain William Russell "Bill" Couette (Envoy) was elected to his third consecutive term (all three by acclamation) as ALPA's vice president–administration/secretary. In this role, he executes the policies of the Association's governing bodies and acts as custodian for all ALPA documents, contracts, leases, property deeds, and general records. He oversees the Association's membership programs as well as all union voting and election procedures. In addition he works with the Association's Information Technology Advisory Committee.

"ALPA is going to accelerate our use of technology to communicate with our members," said Captain Couette, in a statement following his reelection at the 45th ALPA Board of Directors meeting. The ALPA vice president, who also oversees the Association's Professional Development Group, added, "Our union will do even more to encourage and mentor new pilots who come into the Association and join the profession."

Captain Couette is a five-time elected ALPA local council representative, who served until the end of 2006 as the American Eagle Local Executive Council 133 chairman in Chicago. He acted as Strike Oversight Board representative for the Atlantic Southeast and Skyway pilots and also served as an ALPA negotiator, organizer, and merger representative. Captain Couette flies the EMB-145 and has served in the capacity of captain for all but four years of his airline flying tenure.

Captain Couette attended St. Cloud State University, graduating in August 1987 with a BS in aviation technology with a professional flight emphasis. His deceased father, Russell, a former member of IBEW Local 160, passed on to Captain Couette a deeply held belief in the importance of a strong, unified union.