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February 4, 2014

FedEx MEC Highlights First-Quarter Meeting Initiatives

MEMPHIS, Tenn.—The FDX Master Executive Council (MEC) met last week in Memphis for its first quarterly meeting. While the MEC dealt with a few issues, the current round of collective bargaining was the main focus. The FDX pilots have been in formal Section 6 bargaining since this time last year, after a two-year period of “interim discussions.” The interim discussions were an innovative way for both the pilots and management to work through some portions of the contract so that, once formal bargaining commenced, it would take less time to consummate a formal amended contract. Both the Delta and Alaska pilot groups have successfully used this method of bargaining with their recent contracts.

“After almost 12 months in bargaining, negotiations have just recently begun to pick up pace in regards to productive talks at the table,” FDX MEC Negotiating Committee chairman Capt. Scott Larsen commented. “The FDX pilots approached this round of bargaining in a focused, realistic, and fair manner, taking into consideration the goals the pilots have stated they desire, the long-term economic viability of the FDX Corporation, and the contributions the FDX pilots make toward that viability.”

Over the five-day meeting, the MEC discussed specific areas of the contract that are in consideration in the upcoming bargaining sessions, as well as overall strategic campaigns to support those talks. Core members of the FDX MEC negotiating support team gave presentations on Family Awareness, Pilot-2-Pilot, Strategic Preparedness, Legislative Affairs, and Communications. “Each of these areas play key roles in helping our Negotiating Committee succeed at the table,” MEC chairman Capt. Scott Stratton stated. “The coordination and overall planning greatly aids in our mission to represent the best interests of the FDX pilots.”

The MEC concluded its first-quarter 2014 meeting on Friday, January 31, 2014. The next round of bargaining will be February 25–28. Capt. Stratton closed the meeting by saying, “While recent developments at the table by FDX are positive, the road to get to this stage has taken long enough. These recent discussions, however positive, are but a few steps in the right direction. The next few bargaining periods will tell whether or not management is truthfully engaged to bring this round of negotiations to a close.” Stratton added, “The unity showed by FDX pilots throughout this period is what will achieve the contract that they have earned.”

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