Make This Labor Day Count!

For many, the upcoming Labor Day weekend signals the end of summer or the beginning of school. But this year, let’s think about it as an annual reminder of what we can achieve when we work together. In both the United States and Canada, ALPA’s dedicated airline pilot representatives work every day to improve pilot livelihoods, whether through safety and security efforts or negotiating and enforcing our contracts.

ALPA, the international association for airline pilots, is also working on the global level to protect our profession. And you don’t need to be an elected ALPA rep to help with that cause. This Labor Day, whether you’re flying or enjoying the time you’ve earned with your family and friends, take a minute to read ALPA’s “Leveling the Playing Field” policy recommendations. Help ALPA achieve these goals by participating in our Calls to Action and by staying informed and involved.

Learn how ALPA continues to fight for your quality of life, now—through contracts at your airline and the countless resources and services only ALPA can provide—and in the future, so that our industry can compete in the international marketplace against powerful, often government-supported, foreign airlines. Let’s rededicate ourselves to the challenges that lie ahead for us as well as the next generation of airline pilots. Happy Labor Day!