Release #13.48
September 4, 2013

Integrated Seniority List for United, Continental Pilots Released

CHICAGO AND HOUSTON—A three-member arbitration panel Tuesday released its opinion and award establishing the integrated seniority list (ISL) for the pilots of United and Continental Airlines. The arbitration was conducted in accordance with ALPA Merger Policy and several related agreements between the two pilot groups. These provide that the ISL is final and binding.

The issuance of the integrated seniority list represents a major step in completing the United/Continental merger for the pilots, a process that has taken more than three years. The next and final step will be merging ALPA governance for the two pilot groups in a new United Master Executive Council (MEC), accompanied by an election of four new MEC officers. This process is expected to be completed sometime in October.

The combined pilot group will have more than 12,000 pilots.

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Dave Kelly, United Master Executive Council

Amy Flanagan, Continental Master Executive Council