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August 22, 2013

FedEx MEC Highlights Third-Quarter Meeting Initiatives

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The FDX Master Executive Council (MEC) of the Air Line Pilots Association, Intl (ALPA), recently concluded its third-quarter MEC meeting in Memphis, Tenn. The main focus of discussion was possible paths to a new collective bargaining agreement.

“Based on current table positions of the corporation and our commitment to the focused approach mandated by our pilots, the MEC discussed possible routes that would lead to a timely conclusion to this round of bargaining. As a reminder, the FDX MEC in late 2010 elected to divest from historical negotiating processes, and engaged with the FDX Corporation in a bargaining profile that met the original intent of the Railway Labor Act (RLA). We reached a short-term agreement contract and agreed to an on-going process to minimize our next round of Section 6 bargaining. “While we technically opened bargaining in late 2012, we have been working on various contract issues since 2011. We think it is time to complete this bargaining, but it takes two willing partners to see it to fruition,” said MEC Chairman Captain Scott Stratton.

While bargaining was the key agenda item, the MEC discussed several other issues including three key threats to cargo pilots: the carriage of lithium batteries on cargo-only airlines, Federal Flight Deck Officer (FFDO) program funding, and ALPA’s campaign to “Level the Playing Field” in the face of international competition with state sponsored and supported air carriers.

The pilots at Federal Express face the threats associated with the carriage of lithium batteries on a daily basis. “International regulations need to be harmonized and fortified to preclude the possibility of accidental onboard fires. We agree with NTSB Chairwoman Ms. Deborah Hersman’s statements concerning the need for more attention to this safety threat,” said Captain Stratton. The FDX MEC unanimously passed a resolution in support of this effort (Resolution 13-22).

Concerning cockpit security, the MEC discussed the necessary vitality of the Federal Flight Deck Officer program. “The FFDO program is the last line of defense of the cockpit for cargo-only carriers, and in some cases the only line of an airborne defense,” said FDX MEC Legislative Affairs Committee Chairman Captain Fred Eissler. “We were very concerned when earlier this year, the program was set to become a hollow one with the lack of federal funding to operate. I am pleased to say that through the efforts of the FDX MEC Legislative Affairs Committee and others, funding was provided in the federal budget for this much needed program that ensures our cockpits remain defended.” The FDX MEC unanimously passed a resolution staunchly defending this much needed program (Resolution 13-23).

The MEC closed its work with a discussion of ALPA’s “Leveling the Playing Field” initiative. “The sponsorship and total economic support that certain foreign air carriers enjoy from their host nations gives those corporations an unfair competitive advantage over U.S. carriers,” FDX MEC Chairman Captain Scott Stratton commented. “For U.S. carriers to be able to compete on a global scale, they must be competing on a level playing field. If not, then U.S. carriers will run the risk of being run out of the business place, only to be replaced with foreign-owned carriers. With ALPA’s initiative and work by our own FDX MEC Legislative Affairs Committee, we are hoping that U.S. businesses and policy makers recognize the danger and act before more damage is done.” The FDX MEC unanimously passed a resolution in support of this effort (Resolution 13-24).

The FDX Master Executive Council is next set to meet the week of October 14, 2013.

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