Known Crewmember Program Set to Expand to More U.S. Airports
Important Action in ALPAís Push for Risk-Based Security

February 15, 2012 - In a pivotal development in its efforts to achieve a risk-based approach to aviation security, the Air Line Pilots Association, Intíl (ALPA), today joined with Airlines for America (formerly the Air Transport Association) to announce the intention to expand the Known Crewmember program to include the busiest airports across the United States.

In 2011, the Known Crewmember program was tested at seven of the nationís busiest airports, where it was used more than 340,000 times to deliver effective and efficient security screening for professional airline pilots. The Known Crewmember program enables Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers to positively verify the identity and employment status of airline flight crewmembers. As a result, airline pilots, who already undergo thorough criminal background and employment checks as a part of their employment, are subject to a more efficient security-screening process.

ALPA is working to make the Known Crewmember program available to every U.S. airline pilot, and 28 airlines have already connected to the system. The Regional Airline Association and many of its members also have participated and supported the testing of the system. Both ALPA and A4A have asked TSA to include flight attendants in the system.

For more information, visit the Known Crewmember website: