Release #12.04
February 3, 2012

U.S. House Passage of FAA Reauthorization Major Step for U.S. Airline Industry
Multi-Year Bill Helps Secure Jobs for Airline Employees

WASHINGTON – Capt. Lee Moak, president of the Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l (ALPA), issued the following statement after announcement of the passage by the U.S. House of Representatives of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 (H.R. 658), a long-term multi-year Federal Aviation Administration reauthorization bill. The bill is expected to be considered by the U.S. Senate next week.

“The pilots of the Air Line Pilots Association, International (ALPA), hail the passage of this legislation as a major step forward for the U.S. airline industry. After more than five years and 23 extensions, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is a significant step closer to finally receiving the reauthorization it needs to fulfill its mission and proceed with the crucial work of ensuring that U.S. air transportation achieves the highest possible safety standards.

“This long-term, multi-year FAA reauthorization bill provides essential funding and policy direction for modernizing the U.S. air traffic control system and advances critical research, new technology development, and aviation safety programs. Moreover, this legislation helps secure the U.S. airline industry’s significant contribution to the nation’s economy and jobs for millions of workers around the world who depend on it.

“While the bill is not perfect and ALPA would have preferred that certain provisions unrelated to aviation safety had not been included, the compromise was necessary to set the stage for the passage of this extremely important funding bill.

“We commend the House of Representatives for passing this bill that will position our industry to enhance safety for the traveling and shipping public, improve air transportation system capacity and promote airline profitability, and allow the United States to compete aggressively in the international air transportation arena.”

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