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Getting Started

• What is Podcasting?
• How do I subscribe to The FlightDeck podcast?
• Where can I get free podcasting software?
• Where can I get free RSS newsreader software?
• Terms of use

What is Podcasting?

A podcast is an episodic program delivered via the Internet through a RSS feed or downloaded and/or streamed from the web as a media file. Originally conceived as simply audio broadcasts, podcast episodes now include audio and video files, documents, or combinations of the three. ALPA can transmit any television or radio program as a podcast, as well as any lecture, training program, or other recorded event.

You can download a podcast and play it on your desktop, or listen to it on demand by transferring it to a portable MP3 player, such as an iPod. To receive podcasts on your computer, download free podcasting software and then subscribe to a feed. Once you subscribe, your computer will notify you or automatically download MP3 audio files every time a new podcast episode is available.

How do I subscribe to The FlightDeck Podcast?

To subscribe to our podcast, copy the following URL:

Then follow the instructions for your particular podcasting software, which usually prompts you for the URL in order to add the podcast to your list of subscriptions.

Where can I get free podcasting software?

If you don’t have podcasting software yet, you can get it for free using these links:

iTunes (PC or Mac)
iPodder (PC)
Doppler (PC)
Blog Matrix Sparks! (PC)
iPodderX (Mac)
Playpod (Mac)

Where can I get free RSS newsreader software?

Use these links to find and download free newsreader software.

Google: list of newsreaders
Open Directory Project: list of newsreaders
Wikipedia: list of news aggregators
Yahoo!: list of newsreaders

Terms of Use

U.S. and international copyright laws protect ALPA’s FlightDeck podcast audio and video files. The Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l, reserves all rights to podcast(s) originating from The FlightDeck, including the content and technology included therein. For permission requests, please email