2013-2014 Incumbent

Below is a list of the incumbent Members of the 113th Congress who have received financial support from ALPA-PAC for the 2013-2014 election cycle (current through April 1, 2014). The list includes a wide range of Democrats and Republicans of every ideological stripe and is evidence of ALPA’s diverse contingency of supporters. Decisions on who earns ALPA-PAC’s support are based on Members work and commitment to pro-pilot objectives. So far during the 113th Congress, examples of such issues have included:

• Prohibiting third party reimbursements for CBP expenditures;
• Securing One Level of Safety for both passenger and cargo aircraft;
• Maintaining the current tax-free status of employer-provided benefits;
• Foreign control and ownership;
• Leveling the playing field for pilots globally.

Only after carefully reviewing the voting records and political positions of incumbents on issues of direct interest to ALPA members is a determination made as to which candidates earn ALPA-PAC support. All ALPA-PAC recipients have either demonstrated their support for ALPA’s position on key legislative issues or will be valuable friends to ALPA on future initiatives. ALPA-PAC is one of the most bipartisan Labor PACs in Washington, D.C. All decisions regarding support are made without regard to party affiliation. ALPA-PAC is the only way that ALPA national participates directly in the federal election process; ALPA national does not use any member dues money for this purpose. If you have questions about the PAC or a specific candidate, feel free to contact the ALPA Government Affairs Department at 1-888-359-2572 ext. 4033 or via email at governmentaffairs@alpa.org.

House of Representatives Senate
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AR – Mark Pryor (D)
AK – Mark Begich (D)
AK - Lisa Murkowski (R)
CA – Barbara Boxer (D)
CT – Richard Blumenthal (D)
CO – Michael Bennet (D)
CO – Mark Udall (D)
DE – Chris Coons (D)
DE - Tom Carper (D)
HI – Mazie Hirono (D)
HI – Brian Schatz (D)
IL – Dick Durbin (D)
IL – Mark Kirk (R)
IN – Daniel Coats (R)
KS – Jerry Moran (R)
LA – Mary Landrieu (D)
MA – Ed Markey (D)
MD – Ben Cardin (D)
MD – Barbara Mikulski (D)
ME – Susan Collins (R)
MN – Al Franken (D)
MN – Amy Klobuchar (D)
MS – Thad Cochran (R)
NC – Kay Hagan (D)
NE – Deb Fischer (R)
NH – Kelly Ayotte (R)
NH – Jeanne Shaheen (D)
NM – Tom Udall (D)
NV – Harry Reid (D)
NY – Chuck Schumer (D)
OH - Sherrod Brown (D)
OH - Rob Portman (R)
OK - Jim Inhofe (R)
PA – Pat Toomey (R)
RI – Jack Reed (D)
SC – Tim Scott (R)
SC – Lindsey Graham (R)
SD – John Thune (R)
VA – Mark Warner (D)
WA – Patty Murray (D)
WV - Joe Manchin (D)
WY – Mike Enzi (R)

Paid for by ALPA-PAC
The above descriptions of the Air Line Pilots Association PAC are not a solicitation to contribute to the PAC. Only ALPA members, ALPA executives, and senior administrative and professional staff personnel, and their immediate family members living in the same household are eligible to contribute to ALPA-PAC. ALPA-PAC maintains and enforces a policy of refusing to accept contributions from any other source. ALPA members may learn more about ALPA-PAC and about contributing to ALPA-PAC by entering the members-only portion of this website.
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